Completed gold ride forever course today. Great day out with instructor Chris Smith I learnt more techniques and skills which will help me be safer and get more enjoyment too out of my riding. - Chris Deacon

Absolutely worth it .. Doesn't matter if you call yourself a learner or Valentino Rossi ..can't think of anything less than 5 stars. Thank you so much Chris, you are a legend ✌️✌. Will soon be back for the next level but of course will be Goin hard on the new tips and tweaks in the mean time. - Sojan

Chris has got amazing training and riding skills which he developed in putting all the hard work and time spent on bikes in different countries. He has trained almost 50 people for my company and spent good time with each person to ensure they will be safe on the road. Great coaching always - Ravi


This is a great entry level training course. Having a small group & an open floor to question 

an experienced rider is invaluable. 



Chris is a great instructor , everyone who rides regardless of experience should do a course 

with Pass Masters 



Best money I have ever spent towards riding. Could not recommended Chris and Passmasters

any higher. Amazing days training. Will be back for more ASAP. 



Knowledgable instructor that teaches you in a practical manner that immediately improves 

your riding and gives you loads to take away for your future riding. Can't recommend highly 

enough. I will be back to complete future courses with Ride Forever. 



I found this a fantastic opportunity to improve on riding skills, learn new skills, and help limit any potential threats 

on the road that could lead to an accident 



Paul Laugalis was an excellent instructor providing some very good handling 

tips to improve my overall riding skills on a CBTA restricted and to Full license. He also 

offered additional information relating to the safety aspects of my bikes luggage set-up, 

which ultimately is not ideal for the best front end bike handling. Thanks Paul L. 



Chris is awesome and I can't wait to master the tips he give me to then do the silver course. 



Thanks Chris for identifying my riding faults and correcting them. It was great to identify 

weaknesses and work on them. This course puts you into real world situations and teachers 

what to whic is a whole lot better than a carpark. It's awesome that the training route is 

flexible to. Great day out I will be back one day with a new bike 



Awesome day, happy to repeat 



Chris was (as always) fantastic. 



Chris ensures we are fully briefed, explains why we plan, use speed and manage speed 

extremely well, in a safe and confidence building way. Chris has taken me through my 

bronze, restricted, silver and full licence. The reason I keep using his expertise is simply, that 

I keep learning from him. 



Great course and instructor very knowledgeable had a great day thanks Chris and team 



Great experience, this course made me feel more confident and safe. Driving home after the 

course i realized how much my driving style has changed with this course. 



t rained heavily on the day of the course . Usually I wouldn't ride in those conditions but I 

knew that Chris would look after us and make sure we were safe. It felt really good to 

achieve an excellent ride especially with the weather as it was. It gave me a lot of confidence 

and it was a fun if wet day . Thanks Chris



I found the Pass Masters Motorcycle training was focused on building safety through 

competence which lead to greater confidence.I strongly recommend Pass Masters to anyone 

wanting to get on a bike! Chris Waite 



I would recommend a Ride Forever course with Passmasters to anyone starting out, getting 

back into riding or wanting to develop their skills. It was a great, fun day out and I learnt a 

lot, already looking forward to the next course. (Feel free to use) 



Excellent! Learned so many valuable skills and techniques. Chris is very patient :) 



Everyone should do this on a 2 year basis I recon even if you think you know everything I 

can tell you you don't. 



Another great day's training. I enjoyed the smaller course size which allowed each student to 

have more time leading the ride while being observed, which gave us important feedback and 

suggestions for better technique/areas to focus on. I've completed a number of these courses 

with Chris over the past 2 years and I always take away something new from the day. Can't 

wait for the next course! 



I feel so lucky that Chris Smith is my instructor. He is so good at teaching riders to stay safe. 

I remember things he teaches as obstacles come up so that I have a safe and fun ride. Thanks 

Chris. And I am most happy for this to go on the website 



Regardless of how good you may think you are, this course will benefit most riders in some 

way. Can't go wrong doing one. 



Really enjoyed the course, has improved my riding to make me feel safer on the roads, also 

gave me more confidence to sit a restricted test.