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Defensive Driving Course

The New Zealand Transport Agency’s Approved Driver Skills Course

Street Talk is an NZTA Approved Defensive Driving Course that is designed to improve your skills as a driver by raising your risk awareness. There are five sessions in the course comprising of four 2hour classroom based sessions which is followed by a one hour in-car session that is in effect a mock full licence test/coaching session.

For the in-car session the participant provides the car that he/she would normally be driving.

On completion of the course the participants are presented with a certificate which can be presented to a NZTA agent to reduce the time spent on a restricted licence by up to six months**

This course will help you:

  • become a more skilful driver

  • overcome difficult driving situations

  • prepare you for a restricted/full licence test 

*Up to 6 months off if under 25  years of age and 3 months off if aged 25 or over.