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A one day course aimed primarily at the returning or intermediate level riders, the main focuses are on some urban riding and more riding in more challenging, open-road environments at higher speeds.

We highly recommended that you first complete the Bronze course if you haven't done one before so that we can help refresh you on the core skills of riding, you will gain so much more from this  Silver course if you progress through the whole program from the beginning.

This course will cost you $50 for the day.

Silver Course Locations:


Keri Keri 


North Shore

Auckland City

South Auckland

East Auckland

West Auckland

Hamilton ​






Riding curves is one aspect of riding covered during the  Silver training course.

You will cover entry, apex and exit of corners, vanishing points and avoiding obstacles, tyre grip and bikes’ capabilities.

You will spend time travelling round curves and bends practising looking in the intended direction of travel, bodyweight and stability and hazard identification. 

Gives a taste of advanced riding and embeds road craft principles into rider training.  This course supports riders to pass the Class 6 CBTA full licence assessment.

Silver: Riders can take this course twice in any 12 month period, provided there is a three-month gap between the two courses but no more than 2 Ride Forever courses in any 12 months, regardless of level.

Prerequisites for this course - PLEASE READ

You must hold a current motorcycle license and feel comfortable riding your bike in traffic and travelling on the open road at posted road speed (at least 100kph).

Your licence should be valid for the motorcycle you are riding, if you are on a 6L or 6R licence your bike should be LAMS approved. Your bike should be registered, have a current WOF and be road worthy.

Please use the 'Show me more dates' button below the courses for more scheduled days or the Locations menu to filter the sites where we operate. 

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