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Track Based Rider Training Days

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park - Club Circuit

LAMS bikes and Novice riders only. Limited to 18 people 

Here at Passmasters we love playing on the track!  

We are pleased to offer these days to those of you on smaller bikes who don't want to go and mix it with the big bikes or for those of you wanting to gain some confidence on track before attending a public day. 

These days are great for riders to gain a better understanding of their machine in an environment which we can control. 

We look at key competencies Braking, Cornering, Body Position and Dynamics. 

Come and ride one of New Zealand's favourite circuits!  Nestled in the North Waikaito Hampton Downs is one of the newest circuits in NZ and has both a national, international and club track set up. 

The club track is 1.3km long and is perfect for the smaller bikes. 

Please note that this is not an open track day, this is a fun learning day on the club circuit! 


- Tyres must have road tyres with more than 1.5mm tread.

- Bikes must be up to a warrantable standard.

- All glass headlights must be taped up, mirrors taped or removed. 

- No open ends on handlebars, bar ends must be fitted. 

- No oil or fluid leaks.

- Nothing loose or hanging off, any luggage removed.


- Full face, road legal helmet

- Leather 1 or 2 piece suit or

  Textile Jacket and pants

  (must have minimum of 3/4 zip)

  Back protector strongly advised

- Leather M/C gloves (gauntlet style)

- Motorcycle boots