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This is a full-day course aimed at experienced riders who hold their Full Licence. It has a focus on more advanced riding skills including group riding, touring and other advanced riding skills. The Gold level training can be tailored to suit the riders’ particular learning objectives, it is highly recommended that you attend a Silver Course first to get the most out of the day.

This course will cost you $50 for the day.


Gold Course Locations:


Keri Keri 


North Shore

Auckland City

South Auckland

East Auckland

West Auckland

Hamilton ​






The Gold training course is made up from a flexible programme of content modules. The trainers will select the modules that best suit the riding interests of the trainees and which will support them to develop specific, advanced riding skills. Some of the modules include:

  • Group and longer rides

  • Riding in formation

  • Riding with a pillion

  • Riding with loads

  • Advanced cornering

  • Counter-steering

  • Braking into a curve

  • Suspension set-up 

Please Note:  This can be a big day of riding in some very challenging areas and conditions.  Expect a 300km ride. 

Gold: Riders can take this course once in any 12 month period, but no more than 2 Ride Forever courses in any 12 months,  regardless of level.


Prerequisites for this course - PLEASE READ

You must hold a current motorcycle license and feel comfortable riding your bike in traffic and travelling on the open road at posted road speed.

Your licence should be valid for the motorcycle you are riding, Your bike should be registered, have a current WOF and be road worthy.

Minimum of 5 years of continuous riding experience. 


Please use the 'Show me more dates' button below the courses for more scheduled days or the Locations menu to filter the sites where we operate. 

Motorcycle Rego Cashback programme

ACC pay this cashback in two $100 instalments over two years. Applications opened on 1 November 2021. If you’re eligible, you can apply for your first $100 instalment when you’ve completed the required Ride Forever Gold course. 

To claim your cash back please use this form: