The need for speed - Low speed!

Worry about dropping that bike? You're in the right place, we are proud to bring you our Low Speed Skills course. 

Over the past few years we've had a lot of riders talk about having some confidence issues handling big bikes at low speed so we’ve created a course that is focused on what they needed. The idea behind the course is to give you the confidence and skills to handle your big (and often expensive) machine in tight spaces. It’s fair to say that nobody wants to drop their bike.

We first ran this course in 2017 and it was a big success! 


This is a totally relaxed course, you will be coached on the basic principals first on the smaller machines (our trusty Yamaha Scorpios will be on-hand for you to use if you need to) this will help you develop those core skills before you get to hone them on your own bike. 

Once you have the mastered the basics then we introduce you to the cone course, there are 5 different exercises plus a braking section for you to practice those braking skills. 

The cone exercises we use are inspired by different elements from the New Zealand Police Motorcycle Riders course including the offset-cone weave, the tight 90's and the infamous 'Dizzy'

By the end of the 4 hr course your confidence will be way up there and you'll be able to handle your machine in any situation that arrises.  This course is a great complement to the Ride Forever Courses.

Here's what we get upto....