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Can-Am Ryker

Riding the open road with ease means the possibilities start and never seem to end. With Can-Am Ryker, there’s no holding back on anything, especially fun.

You’re set to feel more thrills every time you ride. Easy to start, easy to ride, and easy on the wallet, you’re able to enjoy the roads ahead and the freedom you’ll find at every stop along the way.

Learn to ride for $99

If you've ever dreamed of an open road adventure, then the Can-Am Ryker training experience is your path to reality! 


The Can-Am Ryker training experience will include

  • 4-hour course

  • An introduction to the Can-Am Ryker 

  • Basic handling lesson

  • Practice conducted in a closed carpark area before heading out onto public roads for the full on-road experience.

All participants will need to hold the appropriate driver's licence for the Can-Am Ryker and wear suitable clothing (approved motorcycle helmet, clothing, footwear and gloves). BRP will supply helmets and safety equipment. 


South Auckland



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