Meet the Passmasters coaching team

Chris – Career trainer, 25 years on the job and still loving it. 

            Speciality - Road, Track and Slow Skills

            Likes – Roadies

            Dislikes – Cleaning bikes 

            Rides - Kawasaki ZH2, Yamaha T7, Ninja 400 race bike  


Ben -   Been on the team for 6 years, arguably the most versatile member of the squad.

            Speciality - Road, Gravel and Slow Skills 

            Likes – Adventures 

            Dislikes - Meat

            Rides - Yamaha T7, Suzuki V-strom

Kedar – Loves the adventure of riding, meeting people and getting the best out of them. 

            Speciality - Road & Gravel

            Likes - KTM's

            Dislikes - Bad drivers

            Rides - KTM890


Alex – A recent addition to the team, Alex is keen to try new things to improve his skills.

           Speciality - Road & Track 

           Likes – Cheese and Dogs

           Dislikes – Losing races to lighter people 

           Rides - BMW S1000R, Ninja 400 race bike 

Rob - It's a big 10-4 to RVP who comes from a trucking background,  he's a demon rider          on the road.  Arguably the smoothest rider on the team and well respected.

         Speciality - Road

         Likes - Learning new stuff

         Dislikes - know it all's

         Rides - Kawasaki Z1000SX

Callan – Has been part of the crew for a very long time. Chris did Callan’s BHST                             some 10 years ago and now he’s one of the coaches. 

              Speciality - Road

              Likes – Racing cars and tattoos

              Dislikes – Untidy containers

              Rides - Yamaha MT09

Andy E - Has a constant smile, a big jolly fellow that just wants to help you get the best.               out of your bike.

              Speciality - Road

              Likes - 90's sports bikes 

              Dislikes - not much

              Rides - BMW GS, Yamaha MT09 


Spot - Our organic mechanic. Spot just loves to get out there amongst it all.  A great                  coach with a good bedside manner.

           Speciality - Road 

           Likes - Happy customers 

           Dislikes - picking up the pieces in his other job

           Rides - Kawasaki Z900RS

Brian - An import to NZ, Brian brings with him a wealth of knowledge. Also trains truck.             drivers amongst other stuff.

            Speciality - Road

            Likes - Teaching people

            Dislikes - The price of fuel 

            Rides - BMW GS 

Steve - Steve has been riding bikes since before mono-shocks were invented, a boat                    builder in his spare time.

             Speciality - Road

             Likes - Triumphs in his house

             Dislikes - Oil on the carpet

             Rides - lots of Triumphs


Andy A - Andy is a bike nut! He loves all types of bikes and loves racing and to go.                         exploring (not at the same time).

              Speciality: Road & Track

              Likes: Racing motorcycles and LEGO

              Dislikes: Lubing chains

              Rides - KTM 990, Kawasaki Z400 and Ninja 400 race bike

Josh - The new boy, keen as mustard to learn more. Always up-skilling 

            Likes - Teaching new riders

            Dislikes - picking up bikes

            Rides - KTM 390

Paul P - Paul has been on and around bikes as long as Steve has. He's a racer at heart.                 but loves the open road too.

              Speciality - Road and Track

              Likes - Racing and dirt bikes 

              Dislikes - Falling off while racing and dirt biking

              Rides - V-strom, Yamaha FZR1000 race bike and KX450F

Erik - This guy just loves bikes, Erik has 2 jobs and they both involve riding motorcycles.           Like Spot, he is caring enough but also loves a good laugh (normally at Chris's                expense).

           Speciality - Road

           Likes - Getting Chris's bike stuck in the sand 

           Dislikes - Commuting

           Rides - Yamaha MT09 and Tracer

Donna - The director of the company, the brains of the operation.  She's always there for              support for the trainers and customers alike. 

             Likes - Art and gardens

             Dislikes - People who don't recycle 

             Rides - CBR600 and all the company bikes 

Rachel - The glue that holds it all together once Chris has been in the office and                           broken everything. 

              Likes - Walks in the Redwoods 

              Dislikes - Angry people 

              Rides - Suzuki GSX150

Tam - The marketer, loves organising stuff for us. 

          Likes - Rabbits

          Dislikes - Chaos 

          Rides - Suzuki GSX750